How should the appearance quality of preforms be judged, and what materials can be used?


Preform appearance quality standard 1. Blank mouth The […]

Preform appearance quality standard

1. Blank mouth

The end face should be flat, the thread is complete, the crystallization is complete, there is no overflow, no threading, no deformation, no damage, no air bubbles, and there should be no oil stains or stains on the inside and outside.

2. The body

Good molding, no bubbles, no black spots, no oil stains, no stiffeners, no abrasions (length>20mm), no fogging, whitish, uniform color of colored bottles, no obvious coloring difference.

3. Blank bottom

Good molding, no dents, no overturning, no center point deviation, no cracking, no delamination, nozzle length less than 1.5mm, wire less than 5mm.

Preform material introduction

1、PVC material

Due to its soft texture, high toughness, and very good shape, this material is generally used in the outer packaging of products. Some of our common toys and cosmetics are made of such materials;

2. PET material

The quality requirements of such materials are relatively high, and can be used in food packaging;

3. PS material

Preforms made of these materials are like disposable products because of their poor toughness;

4. PP material

This material completely meets the requirements of food grade, and the processing cost is relatively high.