How to choose refrigerant for low temperature chiller?


Depending on the temperature control range of the enter […]

Depending on the temperature control range of the enterprise, the selected refrigerant must be different. However, it is inseparable. When choosing a refrigerant, the following factors should be considered: 1. The refrigerant must remain in a liquid state within the working range, and the solidification temperature is lower than the working temperature, and the boiling point is higher than the working temperature; 2. The specific heat capacity of the refrigerant carrier is large, and the heat transfer is good, so that the low-temperature chiller does not need too much flow when transferring the cold capacity, which can reduce the transmission power and save materials; 3. The refrigerant carrier should not be too viscous, and the viscosity should be small. In this way, the flow resistance can be reduced and the transmission power can be reduced; 4. The selected refrigerant does not burn, explode, and is non-toxic, and its chemical stability is better; 5. The refrigerant does not corrode the pipes or equipment, so it should be easier to obtain. And the price is affordable.

The overheating problem of industrial chillers has a serious negative impact on the efficiency of the equipment. When many companies use industrial chillers, due to lack of maintenance, industrial chillers are in a long-term overloaded working state. Due to the high load, many devices generate a lot of heat. In a short period of time, a large amount of heat cannot be discharged in a timely and effective manner. When the heat accumulates to a certain level, it will be very harmful to the industrial chiller, and even lead to high-temperature melting of various key circuit components, which seriously affects the normal operation of the enterprise The use of industrial chillers can even lead to many more serious consequences.

Overheating hazard

The overheating of industrial chillers has a greater impact on the stability of the equipment. Due to the increase of heat in the temperature environment, many cold sources are wasted in vain. Under the premise of continuous loss of cold source, the ability of industrial chillers to lower the ambient temperature is severely restricted. Many companies have serious high temperature problems, which have led to the low efficiency of industrial chillers, and the high energy consumption has seriously affected the high efficiency of the company's production.

Affect equipment life

Many companies do not realize the impact of overheating environment on industrial chillers. If the temperature of the working environment is high, a lot of heat cannot be processed in time and effectively, which will inevitably affect the safe operation of industrial chillers. The longer the abnormal operation of the industrial chiller is, the greater the harm to the industrial chiller. Enterprises need to recognize the impact of a good environment on the industrial chiller to avoid shortening the service life of the industrial chiller. The shortening of the life of industrial chillers leads to an increase in the cost of equipment used by enterprises and affects stable development of enterprises.