PET mineral water high-speed bottle blowing machine


PET mineral water high-speed bottle blowing machines ar […]

PET mineral water high-speed bottle blowing machines are all automatic loading and unloading. In accordance with the trend of domestic bottle blowing equipment to high-speed and high output development, a fully-automatic stretch bottle blowing machine specially developed and developed. PET pure water bottle blowing machine is mainly used for blowing pure water, mineral water PET bottles and various gas bottles. This type of bottle blowing machine is composed of three modules: bottle preform lifting machine, preform sorting and main machine.

Dianya series high-speed PET bottle blowing machine has many advantages such as reasonable structure, small footprint, low power and gas consumption, good stability, etc., and meets the relevant national food hygiene standards, Clamping Force can reach 14000, 18000kg.

PET mineral water bottle blowing machine product advantages:

1. Cam linkage servo control high-speed integrated blowing station: The cam linkage servo drive system is used to integrate the opening and closing mold, mold clamping, bottom mold lifting and other actions. The blowing cycle is greatly shortened, the output is increased, and the effect of high efficiency and energy saving is achieved.

2. Small-pitch heating system: the heating head adopts a small-pitch arrangement of 38.1mm, which is more than 30% energy-saving than the traditional heating furnace, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving. A blower system and a waste heat discharge system are provided to make the blowing area basic Ensure constant temperature.

3. Efficient and stable blank feeding system: The continuous rotating dial is used to feed the blank, which achieves fast, efficient and stable blank feeding effect.

4. The whole machine adopts the modular design concept: The modular design concept is adopted, and later maintenance and replacement of the changed parts are more rapid and convenient, and the maintenance cost is effectively reduced.

Optional items of PET blow molding machine function module:

1. Broken bottle rejection function

If the bottle is blown out during the bottle blowing process, it can be automatically rejected, and the broken bottle will not be transferred to the filling machine.

2. High-pressure gas recovery system

The blowing of the bottle is completed. A part of the high-pressure gas in the bottle can be recovered and used as pre-blowing gas and operating gas.

3. Furnace temperature and preform temperature detection system

The temperature of the heating furnace and the temperature of the preform after heating in the heating furnace can be monitored in real time. When the preform heating temperature does not reach the set blowing temperature, the bottle blowing station will alarm and not blow.