PET Semi-Automatic Plastic Blow Molding Machine


PET Semi-Automatic Plastic Blow Molding Machine Perform […]

PET Semi-Automatic Plastic Blow Molding Machine

Performance introduction The overall equipment construction method of the machine fits the exquisite and exquisite concept, which saves the space of the place and the transportation cost. The structure of the three-piece module makes full use of engineering simulation analysis to make a single blow bottle into a 1-hole, 2-hole, 5L oil bottle and a wide-mouth bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions During Blowing Machine

1. Feeding old card feed tray: This situation is a question of comparing headaches. From experience, if the length of the preform (embryo) is larger than the long-cut component, then this phenomenon is relatively small.

2. Feeding level is not feeding: check several conditions: 1) Is there no material in the hopper? If it is: Need to feed quickly; 2) If it is not: Please check whether the contactor of the raising machine is in operation. Electrical condition. If it is energized, check whether the motor is energized and loaded as soon as possible, because this condition is likely to be caused by the preform (embryo) jamming the lifting belt. At this time, the simplest method is to manually assist in raising; If you check that the control contactor of the booster is not powered, check the preform to see if the electric eye is not on the same line as the reflector.

3. Is the bottle always pinching the manipulator?

4, the bottle cannot be taken out of the mold after blowing.

First of all, the mold should be opened, and the mold should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, run it in the dry running state, if it is normal.

Please check your exhaust timing settings. If the exhaust settings are normal and you only need to blow the bottle every time, then you can judge the problem of the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check its springs and seals. (This phenomenon is also a symptom of loud exhaust sound or unclean sound).

If you encounter a situation where many molds are produced normally and you can't open the mold, please check if the clamping pin has a segmented screw in it. Otherwise, please check if the clamping force is too large. It should be adjusted from scratch according to standards.

5. Two robots collide: This situation requires manual reset of the robot from the beginning, which is caused by misalignment.