System components of plastic blow molding machine


Blow molding machine system is mainly composed of stret […]

Blow molding machine system is mainly composed of stretching device, pre-blowing device, bottle blowing device and exhaust device.

The preform is mechanically stretched under the action of a stretch bar. It is pre-blown while stretched to make the bottle take shape and then blown, and then exhausted to take out the bottle.

The main function of pre-blowing is to make the material evenly distributed, which is convenient for blowing. The shape of the pre-blow bottle directly determines the difficulty of the blow molding process and the performance of the bottle. The normal shape of the pre-blow bottle is the spindle shape.

How to adjust the hollow blow molding machine?

1 bottle is milky white and white, indicating that the temperature of the light box is too high, and adjust the temperature of the corresponding tube according to the whitening position.

2. The bottle is blue and stretched white, indicating that the temperature of the light box is too low, and adjust the temperature of the corresponding tube according to the whitening position.

3. Bottle mouth aggregate, increase the temperature of a layer of lamp, or close the small bottle mouth cooling water outlet valve.

4. The deformation of the bottle mouth indicates that the bottle mouth temperature is too high, reduce the temperature by one layer.

5. The belly button appears at the bottom of the bottle, the pre-blow delay is too high, and it is adjusted down by 0.01S

6. The bottleneck becomes thicker and the pre-blowing delay time is too short. Increase the pre-blowing delay by 0.01S.

Method for adjusting speed of hollow bottle blowing machine

By increasing the exhaust time and increasing the saturation time to slow down the speed, while reducing the overall temperature of the lamp box, the overall temperature of the lamp box needs to be reduced by 1% for each increase of 0.1S. Increasing the speed is the opposite of decreasing the speed.

(The exhaust time is as low as 0.8S, and if it is lower than 0.8S, there will be a bottle skipping phenomenon caused by the exhaust is not timely.) No matter the speed is increased or decreased, it should not be too fast. Quality, adjust the speed after the bottle is stable. Every time you adjust the speed, you must carefully observe the quality of the bottle and adjust the temperature of the light box at any time.

Both the bottle blowing cycle changes by 0.1S, the bottle output per hour changes by about 50, the bottle blowing machine should adjust the bottle blowing speed according to the speed of the filling machine.

Repair method of hollow blow molding machine

The repairer of the hollow blow molding machine should gather the "fault repair list" and repair records on a monthly basis, in addition to grasping the fault status normally. After calculating, collecting, and analyzing the fault data, the fault frequency and the average fault distance period of various blow molding machines are calculated, and the fault dynamics and main points of the single blow molding machine are analyzed to find out the fault occurrence rules so as to highlight The main points are to adopt countermeasures, and collect and analyze the fault information to the plan part, so that the organization can prevent repair or improve the plan, and can also be used as the basis for correcting the regular viewing distance period, viewing content, and specifications.

According to the calculated materials, we can draw a calculation analysis chart, such as a single blow molding machine fault dynamic calculation analysis table is a useful method for the repair team to deal with the fault and other visual management, which is convenient for the processing personnel and repair workers to grasp various types in time The blow molding machine has a problem, and it can have a clear goal when determining the repair strategy.

After the usual tour inspection and inspection of the blow molding machine status of the hollow blow molding machine repair workers, the obtained status information and fault signs, as well as related records and analysis materials, are provided by the workshop blow molding machine repairman or repair team leader for various types of blow molding machines. If there is any doubt, organize timely repairs in a timely manner, make full use of the production vacant time or holidays, and prevent it from happening in order to control and reduce the occurrence of problems. For some signs and dangers that are usually repaired and unable to bear, the plan will be repaired.

Normally, the blow molding machine also needs to pass the human senses and common detection tools for normal inspection, touring inspection, regular inspection (including precision inspection), and inspection of incomplete conditions. Phenomenon information. Together, we must formulate a review specification to determine the normal, abnormal, and faulty boundaries of the blow molding machine.