What Are The Benefits Of Using Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machines?


The revolutionary new stretch blow molding machine is a […]

The revolutionary new stretch blow molding machine is a device can be used to create any shape you desire from flat to round, square to rectangle, diamond to heart-shaped, even banana to teardrop, and so much more. The machine is made of durable galvanized steel and is designed for multiple uses. The machine has a unique pumping system that allows the hot plastic to be cycled through the tubing easily.

The machine features an easy to use interface for precise temperature control. For this reason, the stretch blow molding machine is ideal for making soda bottles, caps, water bottles, juice bottles, baby bottles, or any other beverage bottles. The machine offers both semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machines and fully automatic PET stretch blow molding machine creating high quality, durable PET plastic bottles in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures for juice, water, soda, oil, detergent, baby food, skin care, lubricant, and personal care products. The machine is designed for mixing colors and shapes as well as for filling bottles completely. These types of bottles are often used for products such as lipstick, nail polish, lotion, shampoo, shaving cream, and baby food. The machine offers the speed of filling as well as precise heat control for flawless results every time.

The stretch blow molding machine is offered with a 1 year warranty for the hottest models and with standard heat and color options for all configurations. It offers a variety of features to ensure that you get the best performance possible from this product, including an easy to use menu for temperature adjustments. The machine comes with a minimum order quantity of 1 and is designed to meet the top level customer expectations.

This product offers extremely fast production with up to twelve pounds per hour of productivity. The ability to stretch tubing sizes from three feet to eighteen inches provides increased productivity and reduced labor costs. The speed of filling is one hundred percent electronic and automatically adjusts according to the volume of the filling reservoir. The most recent specifications are subject to change.

The stretch blowing machine incorporates a high-speed air compressor system and powerful vacuum for high-volume production of caps and bottles. The vacuum pump is capable of pumping out over fifteen quarts of air at a time. The machine offers a wide range of options such as single-action air compressor system for low speed or variable-speed ball valve air compressor system for high speed operation. The stainless steel vacuum pump has an interchangeable air compressor hose for flexible performance.

The machine uses two pumping cycles: wet and dry. The wet/dry cycle pumps the hot liquid through the bottle and melts the wet stuff with an electrical heating core. The core is capable of melting at high temperatures. Once the material in the bottle is melted, it is transferred to the second cycle in the machine. In the dry cycle, the machine will pour the cooled melted plastic into appropriate sized mold cavities that are pre-determined by the manufacturer. Once the mold cavities are ready, the machine blows air into the cavities to fuse the hot plastic.

A plastic injection blow molding method is used to manufacture polyethylene plastic products such as bottles. The plastic core of this process is called a "core pin". The core pin is forced through a die machine that feeds the plastic material through the die. The plastic core is then collected on a receiving platform through a chute, which pushes the core pin down into the receiving container.

An important benefit of the stretch blow molding machine is its water cooling system. The machine incorporates a water cooling system because it needs to cool the plastic material as it goes through the injection and drying cycles. Because the machine operates at high speeds, it makes use of large fans to circulate the hot air generated during the production process. A water cooling system allows the machine to function even when there is not enough water in the manufacturing facility.